Thank you for your interest in CASCADE Family Learning Society.  Probably the only family learning society in India for open schooling and home schooled children. We would appreciate if you can spend some time browsing through our site and about Montessori before applying.  We look forward to a long time association with families.  We are registered as a society and with a limited admissions. A Montessori learning co-operative that requires active participation from parents, unlike regular schools.  We have intakes through the year depending on certain parameters and availability.

Key points to note:

  • Memberships are limited
  • Parents are encouraged to fully go through the contents of our website before applying.
  • Parents to mail their interest with the following details.
    • Name and details of parents with contact numbers.
    • Name and details of children
    • Source of information about CASCADE FLS
    • Whether the website was studied in detail before sending in the enquiry
    • Whether long term association and engagement with CASCADE FLS is to be considered by the family to

Guidelines for admission in CASCADE

For Parents

  • Both parents need to attend a pre – admission orientation session that would last for 2 half days
  • One parent would need to be willing to invest time in the Family Learning Society as and when the need arises.
  • Parents would be encouraged to do the Montessori training course, or advanced study courses to aid the Society.

  • Regarding children
    • 2.7 years maximum as on June 2018 for CASA or pre-primary environment
    • Elementary age group – 6 years with at least 2 years in an authentic Montessori environment i.e prior Montessori experience.
    • Children older than 11 years would be considered if they are familiar with and rooted in self-directed learning.

NEW: Please download and send the completed questionnaire to