“Help me think with you.”

The Adolescent at CASCADE is a witness and participant to a number of socially and culturally relevant discussions for his growing personality that hinges on moral development. Field experiences in our rural centres offer deep impressions and systematic understanding of human needs vs earth ethics, combined with a call for action.


“Built on the foundations of the elementary, it provides opportunities for practical community living and learning, that paves their future into becoming a productive member of the civilisation and culture of today and tomorrow."

Evolving into an Erd Kinder

A Child of the Earth - The program is personalised and enables students of these ages to drive their own learning, seeking resources for scaling up their understanding and knowledge, from our facilities and resource persons, while preparing for exams required for school completion.

We offer support and training for the NIOS/IGCSE board examinations as applicable with the Resource pool of experts available at CASCADE. Academic courses are available for all subjects and field experiences with farm communities are facilitated regularly exposing children to real-time life skills and money management.Research and study trips to historical locations as well as in depth study of wildlife and geographies are made possible by our team.

Social responsibilities are taken up by this age group on environmental awareness, situational analysis of children and women in India, legal frameworks and rights besides a deeper understanding of peace education so that they are able to position themselves in the society, ably deciding on their personal mission.

We are in the process of setting up a full-fledged, farm-based curriculum in our Rural Resource Centre at Narasingapuram, Gummidipoondi.A unique offering on what the students need to know about the world phenomena and how it affects their lives besides what they can act upon as Global Citizens to be the change they wish to see.

Interconnections and interdependencies among living and non-living habitants of this universe would be the core of their study.

Self-expression Music, Lanuage & Art.
Psychic Development Moral Education, Mathematics & Language.
Preparation for Adult Life with various life and living skills

1. The Study of the Earth and Living Things - geology, geography including prehistoric periods, biology, cosmology, botany, zoology, physiology, astronomy, and comparative anatomy

2. The Study of Human Progress and the Building Up of Civilization - physics, chemistry, mechanics, engineering, and genetics integrated into the history of science and technology—“supranature”

3. The Study of the History of Humanity - scientific discoveries, geographical explorations, relation of humans to the environment, contact between different peoples, war, religion, patriotism, a detailed study of one period, the life of one person, the present day and nation, law and government, literature. Self-sustenance by freedom of right action is the mantra for this age. We bridge the understanding of families about the psychological traits of these land children and their need to stay in a community that provides them the launchpad into the larger society. Sports and extra-curricular activities are a part of their daily life. Carpentry, building masonry, painting, repair and maintenance are all a part of their village residential program.