S.No Name of the Book Author Details
1 THE WHOLE-SCHOOL David Kahn, Sharon L.Dubble,
MONTESSORI HANDBOOK for Teachers and Administrators D.Renee Pendleton
2 Maria Montessori a centenary anthology (1870 – 1970)
3 Maria Montessori (1870 – 1952) An Anthology
4 What is the Montessori Toddler Community? Sarah Moudry
5 Maria Montessori (1907 – 2007) Centenary of the Montessori Movement
6 Montessori on a Limited Budget Elvira Farrow and Carol Hill
7 At Home With Montessori By Patricia Oriti, Edited by David Kahn, Illustrations by Julia Sheehan-Burke
8 Communications – Association
Montessori Internationale (1997)
9 Communications – Association
Montessori Internationale (1998/1)
10 Communications – Association
Montessori Internationale
  • Communications – Association Montessori Internationale (1999/2-3)



S.No Name of the Book Author Details
12 On the Historical Background of the Montessori-Piaget Relations – Reprint from Communications 1999/2-3
13 Communications – Association
Montessori Internationale (2001/1)
14 Communications – Association
Montessori Internationale (2001/2-3)
15 Communications – Association
Montessori Internationale (2002/4)
16 Communications – Association
Montessori Internationale (2003/2-3)
17 Communications – Association
Montessori Internationale (2004/2-3)
18 Communications – Association
Montessori Internationale (2005/2-3)
19 Communications – Association Montessori Internationale (2005/4)
20 Communications – Association Montessori Internationale (2007/1)
21 Communications – Association Montessori Internationale (2008/1)
22 Communications – Association



S.No Name of the Book Author Details
Montessori Internationale (2009/2)
23 Communications – Association
Montessori Internationale (2010 special Issue)
24 Communications – Association Montessori Internationale (2010/1)
25 Communications – Association Montessori Internationale (2011/1-2)
26 Communications – Association Montessori Internationale (2012/1-2)
27 PEACE and EDUCATION Maria Montessori
28 The Child, Society and the World – The Montessori Series Maria Montessori
29 The CHILD Maria Montessori
30 Education for Human Development: Mario M.Montessori, Jr.
Understanding Montessori – The
Montessori Series
31 Montessori A Modern Approach Paula Polk Lillard
32 Reconstruction in Education Maria Montessori
33 What is Montessori
34 Creative Development in the Child – Kalakshetra Press
Volume One
35 Creative Development in the Child – Kalakshetra Press
Volume Two
36 A Year with Maria Montessori Shankar Datta Pandey



S.No Name of the Book Author Details
37 Sadhana: reflective practice, spontaneous living Journal of the 26th International Montessori Congress
38 Towards Healthy Humanity A.M.Joosten
39 To Educate the Human potential Maria Montessori A Kalakshetra
40 From Childhood to Adolescence Maria Montessori Kalakshetra Press
41 The Formation of Man Maria Montessori
42 Building Cathedrals Not Walls – Maren Schmidt, M.Ed.
Essay for Parents and Teachers
43 The Secret of Childhood Maria Montessori Orient Black Swan Publications
44 Education for a New World Maria Montessori
45 Children Who Are Not Yet Peaceful Donna Bryant Goertz
46 Montessori From the Start Paula Polk Lillard and Lynn Lillard Jessen
47 Montessori Today Paula Polk Lillard
48 The Absorbent Mind Maria Montessori
49 Montessori Madness Trevor Eissler
50 The Advanced Montessori Method – volume one Maria Montessori
51 The Advanced Montessori Method – volume two Maria Montessori
52 Montessori in India 70 Years
53 Montessori Directress Meenakshi Sivaramakrishnan



S.No Name of the Book Author Details
A Guide to Montessori Education for Uma Shankar
54 the Early Years
55 Take Montessori Home – A Caring Parent’s Handbook
56 How to raise an Amazing Child – The Montessori Way Tim Seldin
57 Gateways to Montessori Theory A.M.Joosten
58 Child of the world Susan Mayclin Stephenson Montessori, Global
Education for Age 3-12+
59 The Joyful Child Susan Mayclin Stephenson Montessori, Global Wisdom for Birth to Three
60 The Universal Child Guided by Nature Susan Mayclin Stephenson
61 What You Should Know About Your Child Maria Montessori
62 Child Education Maria Montessori
63 The California Lectures of Maria Montessori, 1915 – The Clio Montessori Series Maria Montessori
64 Montessori A Modern Approach Paula Polk Lillard The Classic Introduction to Montessori for Parents and Teachers
65 The Cosmic Approach Celma Pinho Perry with Meg Fedorowick
66 The Tao of Montessori Catherine McTamaney
67 Education and Peace Maria Montessori



S.No Name of the Book Author Details
68 Gateways to Montessori Practicals A.M.Joosten & Meenakshi Sivaramakrishnan
69 The Education of Man for a Peaceful World Community Congress Report of the XIIIth International Montessori Congress
70 The Discovery of the Child Maria Montessori
71 Psycho geometry – The Montessori Series Maria Montessori
72 Montessori The Science Behind the Genius Angeline Stoll Lillard
73 Understanding the Human Being Silvana Quattrocchi Montanaro, M.D. The Importance of the First Three Years of Life
74 Vision works Peter Hesse
75 Absorbent mind – Tamil Maria Montessori
76 At home with Montessori – Tamil Maria Montessori
77 Education for a New World- Tamil Maria Montessori
78 Secret of Child Hood – Tamil Maria Montessori
79 Childhood – the secret and wonder - Tamil translation by C N Vaitheeswaran Maria Montessori
80 Gateways to Montessori – Tamil IMTC
81 Life of Dr. Maria Montessori – Tamil IMTC
82 NAMTA Journal – the Montessori Adolescent NAMTA
83 Tending the Light John Snyder Essays on Montessori Education
84 Maria Montessori Writes to Her letters from California,
Father 1915
85 The Montessori Way Tim Seldin
86 Montessori – Life and Work E.M.Standing e book
87 Psycho Arithmetic Vol. 20 Maria Montessori
88 The 1946 London Lectures Vol.17 Maria Montessori
89 The 1913 Rome Lectures Vol. 18 Maria Montessori
90 The Mass Explained to Children Maria Montessori
Vol. 19
91 Maria Montessori Sails to America, Maria Montessori
a private diary, 1913



Montessori Booklets


S.No Name of the Booklet Author
1 Freedom & responsibility A GLORIOUS COUNTERPOINT
2 Movement – Help me to move by myself
3 Communication – Help me to communicate by myself
4 Self-Discipline – Help me to be responsible by myself
5 Independence – Help me to do it by myself
6 The North American Montessori Teacher’s Association Services Handbook
7 Montessori Principles – Those Horrible Mathematics Mario M Montessori
8 Montessori Principles – Cosmic Education Mario M Montessori
9 Montessori Principles – Montessori Education The Hope of the Future Claude A.Claremont
10 Montessori Principles – The Decimal System Maria Montessori
11 Montessori Principles – The Sam Remo Lectures, 1949 Maria Montessori
12 Montessori Principles – What about Free Expression Mario M Montessori
13 Montessori Principles – Maria Montessori 1870-1952 The Origins of J.Ewart Smart



S.No Name of the Booklet Author
14 Montessori Principles – Learning to Write by the Montessori Method Anna Maria Maccheroni
15 Montessori Principles – Peace and Education Maria Montessori
16 Montessori Principles – The Forgotten Citizen Maria Montessori
17 Montessori Principles – Two Natures of the Child & The Meaning of Adaptation Maria Montessori
18 Montessori Principles – Introduction to a Method for Teaching Reading and Writing to Adults Maria Montessori
19 Montessori Principles – Moral and Social Education Maria Montessori
20 Montessori Principles – The Child Maria Montessori
21 Montessori Principles – The Four Planes of Education Maria Montessori
22 Montessori Principles – The Human Tendencies and Montessori Mario M Montessori
23 Montessori Principles – Reconstruction in Education Maria Montessori
24 Montessori Principles – The Permanent Relevance of Maria Maria Montessori
Montessori’s Plea
25 A.M.I Study Conference – August 1982
26 The Montessori Method – Science or Belief
27 The first adolescent colloquium NAMTA,
Volume 23 Number 3,
Summer 1997
XIII International
Montessori congress
29 Science Experiences for Montessori Children – Part 1 Rajendra Gupta
Science Experiences for Montessori Children – Part 2
Science Experiences for Montessori Children – Part 3
Science Experiences for Montessori Children – Part 4
Science Experiences for Montessori Children – Part 5
Science Experiences for Montessori Children – Part 6
Science Experiences for Montessori Children – Part 7
30 Education As a Help To Life Albert M.Joosten



S.No Name of the Booklet Author
31 Exercises of Practical Life Albert M.Joosten
31 The Child’s Right To Develop Albert M.Joosten
33 Researching Montessori Zoology Program Rajendra Gupta
34 Helping The Child Unfold Its Potential Rajendra Gupta
35 Botany As A Means of Development Rajendra Gupta
36 Montessori Language Program – new insights and techniques A.M.Joosten, A.W.Khandekar,Dilshad Ali, Akbar, Rajendra K.Gupta
37 Open Door – Dec 2007 A Bulletin of the Indian
Open Door – July 2007 Montessori Centre –
Open Door – January 2007 Tamil Nadu Chapter
Open Door – November 2006
Open Door – April 2007
Montessori DVDs
S.No Name Quantity Info
2 What is the Montessori Toddler Community? 1
3 Montessori in Action 1
4 Aid to life – Self-Discipline 1
5 Aid to life – Independence 2
6 Aid to life – Communication 2
7 Aid to life – Movement 2
8 At Home with Montessori 1
9 Edison’s Day 1
10 Discovering the Real Spiritual Child 1 With Sofia Cavaletti and Silvana Montanaro



S.No Name Quantity Info
11 The Normalized Child – Video Sampler 1
12 Five Going on Six – Montessori Style 1
13 Music and Movement Instructional DVD for Montessori 1 by Sanford & Judy Jones
Teachers (Children Ages 6 – 11)
14 Music and Movement Instructional DVD for Montessori Teachers (Children Ages 3,4 and 5) 1 by Sanford & Judy Jones
15 At Home IN NATURE – Instructional DVD (Children 1
Ages 3 – 12 )
16 Montessori Institute of Atlanta – Becoming a 1
Montessori Teacher
17 Starting from Year Zero – The Path to Self Construction 1
18 Montessori Education – Doorways to Lifelong learning 1 NAMTA



Other DVDs
S.No Name Info
1 A Revolution in Consciousness – Education Series by J.Krishnamurti
2 How do our children think? A Video Series on Student Misconceptions
3 Education and the Challenges of Life by J.Krishnamurti



Education & Parenting

S.No Name of the Book Author Details
1 A Flame of Learning J Krishnamurti
2 True Education A simple and practical way to ignite the thinking of students



S.No Name of the Book Author Details
3 The Great Chain of Life Joseph Wood Krutch
4 BLINK – The Power of Thinking without Thinking Malcolm Galdwell
5 The Tao of Leadership John Heider
6 The Principal’s Leadership Sourcebook Evan Robb
7 The Language Instinct Steven Pinker
8 What did you ask at school today? Kamala V.Mukunda
9 Beautiful Geometry Eli Maor and Eugen Jost
10 Count like an Egyptian David Reimer



12 The Book of Life Stephen Jay Gould
13 Punished by Rewards Alfie Kohn
14 Parenting – More than 150 Tips Veena L Nandagiri
15 Book of Life Stephen Jay Gould
16 Beyond Violence J Krishnamurti
17 A Resource Guide For Elementary School Teaching : Richard D Kellough &
Planning For Competence Patricia L Roberts
18 A Text Book Of Educational management K V Ramani
19 Alternative Approaches to Education Fiona Carine
20 ART : The Basis Of Education Devi Prasad
21 Character First The Hyde School Difference Joseph W Gauld
22 Chicken Soup For The Mother’s Soul Barbara Bush, Reba
McEntrie & Many More
23 Classroom Discussion Dixie Lee Spiegel
24 Contemporary Influences In Early Childhood Education Ellis D Evans




S.No Name of the Book Author Details
25 Creative Expression and Play in Early Childhood Joan Packer Isenberg & Mary Renck Jalongo
26 Creativity & Its Cultivation Harold H Anderson
27 Dealing With Death Emma Haughton
28 Democratic Schools Michael W Apple & James A Beane
29 Dibs In search Of Self Virginia M Axline
30 Dictionary Of Disability Aroop Sengupta
31 Discipline & Punish The Birth Of The Prison Michel Foucault
32 Disciplined Minds Jeff Schmidt
33 Don’t Make a Problem Of Anything J Krishnamurti
34 Dumbing us Down John Taylor Gatto
35 Education And The Significance Of Life J Krishnamurti
36 Education For Living Creatively & Peacefully Devi Prasad
37 Education in the 21st Century Looking Beyond University Asha Gupta
38 Facts For Life UN (United Nation)
39 Family Rules Kenneth Kaye
40 Follow The Child Magazine from IMTC
41 For The Children’s Sake Susan Schaeffer Macaulay
42 From Plato to Piaget The Greatest Educational Theorists Wiliam Cooney, Charles
From Across The centuries & Around The World Cross & Barry Trunk
43 Give Your Child A Superior Mind Simon & Schuster
44 Growing Up With Them The Golden Rules of Being a Great Parent India Book Distributors
45 Health and Light John N Ott



S.No Name of the Book Author Details
46 Help Your Kids Get It Done Right At Home & School Donna M Genett
47 Holistic Education Girish Pande
48 How To Bring Up A Child Sri Aurobindo Society
49 How to father Fitzhugh Dodson
50 Know Your Child G Pankajam
51 Krishnamurti On Education Krishnamurti Foundation India
52 Learning Outside The Lines Jonathan Mooney & David Cole
53 Life starts at sixteen – Down’s Syndrome Rekha Ramachandran
54 Down’s syndrome – Hand book for parents Varsha Shankar
55 Little Steps Readiness For Reading, Writing & Number Romila Soni
Work A Manual For Pre-School Teachers
56 MAY BE YOU KNOW MY KID A Parent’s Guide to Mary Cahill Fowler
Identifying, Understanding & Helping Your Child With
57 Men Are From Mars & Women Are From Venus John Gray
58 Michigan PTA Presents Parent’s Answer Book Alice R McCarthy & Patricia
B Peart
59 Miseducation Preschoolers at Risk David Elkind
60 Moral Minds Marc D Hauser
61 Numbers : The Universal language Denis Guedj
62 Observing Development of the Young Child Janice J Beaty
63 ONE STEP AHEAD – Parenting 3 – 12 Year Olds Michael Grose
64 Parents Are Teachers Too Claudia Jones
65 Play Therapy Virginia M Axline



S.No Name of the Book Author Details
66 Play Therapy The Art Of The Relationship Garry L Landreth
67 Play, Dreams & Imitation In Childhood Jean Piaget
68 Playing With Fire Fiona Macbeth & Nic Fine
69 Pre-primary Education Philosophy & Practice G Pankajam
70 Radical Advise From The Ultimate Wise Guy Lorraine Peterson
71 Raising A Emotional Intelligent Child John Gottman With Joan
72 Raising A Thinking Child Myrna B Shure
73 Raising your Spirited Child Mary Sheedy Kurcinka
74 Reading Difficulties and Dyslexia J P Das
75 School Counselling – A Psychologist Guide S Thenmozhi
76 Seven Windows To A Child’s World Anna T O’Connor & Sheila
Callahan – Young
77 Siblings Without Rivalry Adele Faber & Elaine
78 Single Child Ali Khwaja
79 Single Parenting India Book Distributors
80 Six Weeks To Better Parenting Caryl Waller Krueger
81 Spiritual Parenting Hugh & Gayle Prather
82 A Hooray Kind Of Kid Barbara Reider
83 Adolescents Of Single Parent family – Issues & S Thenmozhi
84 All Children Are Special Greg Lang & Chris Berberich
85 At-Risk Students : Reaching and Teaching Them Richard Sagor
86 Awaken The Genius In Your Child Shakuntala Devi



S.No Name of the Book Author Details
87 Between Parents & Child Haim G Ginott
88 Body Language Secrets : Babies And Children Susan Quilliam
89 Childhood Revealed Katie Couric
90 Children And Youth With Asperger Syndrome Brenda Smith Myles
91 Children Are From Heaven John Gray
92 Children with Developmental Disabilities S Venkatesan
93 Dr Spock’s Baby & Child Care Benjamin Spock & Michael B
94 Emotional And Behavioral Problems Of Young Children Gretchen A Gimpel &
Melissa L Holland
95 Endangered Minds Why Our Children Don’t Think Jane M Healy
96 Escape From Childhood John Holt
97 For A Special Teenager Susan Polis Schutz
98 Growing Up Gifted Third Edition Barbara Clark
99 Helping Troubled Pupils Chris Kyriacou
100 How a Child Thinks Dorothy G Singer & Tracey
A Revenson
101 TEACHERS The Testament Of an Inspired teacher 2Nos Sylvia Ashton-Warner
102 Teaching Social Science in Schools Alex M George & Amman
103 Teaching Social Science in Schools Alex M George & Amman
104 Teaching Young Children With ADHD Richard Lougy, Silvia Deruvo
& David Rosenthal
105 Teaching Your Children Responsibility Linda & Richard Eyre
106 The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Families Stephen R Covey



S.No Name of the Book Author Details
107 The Anxious Parent Michael Schwartzman With
Judith Sachs
108 The Blue Book 3Nos 15 & Above TARSHI Or
109 The Creative Journal For Parents Lucia Capacchione
110 The Culture Of Education Jerome Bruner
111 The Difficult Child Stanley Turecki With Leslie
112 THE Discipline Book : Everything You Need To Know To William Sears & Martha
Have a Better-Behaved Child – From Birth To Age Ten Sears
113 The Explosive child Ross. W.Greene
114 The Hidden Gifts Of The Introverted Child Marti Olsen Laney
115 The Human Brain Susan A Greenfield
116 The NonGraded Elementary School John I Goodlad & Robert H
117 The Primary School Child – Development & Education Namita Ranganathan
118 The Quality School Teacher William Glasser
119 The Red Book 2Nos 10 – 14 Years TARSHI
120 The Sense of Wonder Rachel Carson
121 The Under-Achieving School 2Nos John Holt
122 The World OF Asian Stories Cathy Spagnoli
123 The World Of Indian Stories – A Teaching Resource Of Folktales From Every State Folktales From Every State Cathy Spagnoli
124 Touch points (0 to 3 year olds) T Berry Brazelton with Joshua D Sparrow
125 Touch Points Three to Six Your Child’s Emotional and Behavioral Development T Berry Brazelton with Joshua D Sparrow



S.No Name of the Book Author Details
126 Toxic Childhood Sue palmer
127 Transforming The Difficult Child Howard Glasser & Jennifer Easley
128 Waldorf Education Christopher Clouder & Martyn Rawson
129 What Does Freedom Means J Krishnamurti
130 Why are you being Educated J Krishnamurti
131 Why Men Don’t Listen & Women Can’t Read Maps Barbara & Allan Pease
132 Young Children With Special Needs Richard M Gargiulo & Jennifer Kilgo
133 Through the eye of a needle (transforming relationships) Ignatius Fernandes
134 The child is father of the man Ignatius Fernandes
135 100 Blackboard Games Leslie Landin
136 1001 Things To Do With Your Kids Caryl Waller Krueger
137 365 After School Activities You can do with your child Cynthia Macgregor
138 How To Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk Adele Faber & Elaine Mazlish
139 Living Values Education Program books Set of 4 books
140 Parenting Teenagers Systematic Training For Effective Parenting Of Teens Don Dinkmeyer, James S Dinkmeyer & More
141 Parenting To Build Character In Your Teen Michael S Josephson, Val J Peter & Tom Dowd
142 Parenting Young Children Systematic Training For Don Dinkmeyer, James S
Effective Parenting Of Children Under Six Dinkmeyer & More
143 Questions Children Ask & How to Answer Them Miriam Stoppard
144 Teach Your Baby Genevieve Painter



S.No Name of the Book Author Details
145 The Parent’s Problem Solver Karen Renshaw Joslin
146 Toilet Learning Alison Mack
147 What Do You Really Want For Your Children Wayne W Dyer
148 What Kids Want Their Parents To Know Ryan Holladay & Friends
149 What Kids Want Their Parents To Know Usha Jain
150 What To Expect The Toddler years Arlene Eisenberg, Heidi E Murkoff & Sandee E
151 You & Your Small Wonder Activities For Parents And Toddlers On The Go Book 2 Merle B Karnes
152 String, Straight Edge & Shadow – Story of Geometry Julia Diggins
153 The Wonderful Worlds of Mathematics Lancelot Hogben