“My six-year-old loves to play board games and card games. But she becomes very upset if she loses a game. How to help her to take it sportively?”

Firstly, acknowledge that it is very disappointing to lose a game. However, the next immediate step is to draw attention to the results of playing such a game. We lose some, some we win but the joy is in the company of playing.

This has to be done during neutral moments, elaborately, and anecdotally as a story. Before the game starts, its good to draw the attention to such probabilities, by showing the toss of a coin, a few times, as an example, to show that not all the time a single face appears. This, if done once, will help the child realize that winning is by a good playing effort, and by chance too, which could happen to her/him also. If the child is not ready to accept it, you can ask to pause for such games, that she/he is unable to accept losing. But stressing on the efforts in the game, the child will know that the chances are equal for all players.

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Vidya Shankar

Vidya Shankar

Vidya Shankar is a Child Rights Practitioner and Montessori Specialist with the TN Commission for Protection of Child Rights. Her role as a founder and mentor of the guides team at CFLS, besides being the main guide for Cascade adolescents has made possible the collaboration with Relief Foundation’s rural Montessori centres for mutual benefit and growth.