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CASCADE Family Learning Services

We dedicate ourselves to providing an authentic Montessori education to children from birth to 18 years of age.

Our values of excellence, respect, compassion, peace and community inspire our learning space’s rich tradition of nurturing each child’s natural love of learning. We offer an exceptional educational opportunity for the development of the whole child within the context of a family-like community.

Children flourish in our well-equipped, prepared environments, cherishing natural beauty surrounding our centres and their homes. Committed to engage with children’s love of learning while developing their individual selves within a respectful, caring community, CASCADE FLS sustains due to  its delivery of promise to families, where children thrive, actualize their potential and develop a sense of self.


“To provide enriching educational experiences for the whole family, that integrates simple, yet high living ideals into daily practice at home and in collective learning.”



On the child, working on her/his strengths giving time to normalise and scale up academics at their pace.


From the family in the life of the child, including CASCADE’s activities.


Study circles for families that create a democratic platform for teachers and parents to discuss freely issues related to educational philosophy, Montessori practices, parenting and classroom challenges.


Towards young families in the community as well as rural areas giving them support on Early Childhood education from birth.


What our families say

Our daughter has been in Cascade for 3 years and along with her, we have had a fantastic experience. There is not a single day she would miss going to Cascade FOR ANYTHING. Come rain or sun, come fever or stomach ache, come family holidays or get-togethers… she MUST go. I don’t think I could use any other metrics to know how Cascade is!

We enrolled our 4yo son here and were really impressed with the dedication of the learning space. They really care about the development of the children, and follow the Montessori method to the T. One of the best things is that they involve parents in the learning process. I can confidently say that my view on education has been significantly impacted by our time at CASCADE. Thanks!

This is not a school!  It is a place of learning which many of us would have dreamed of, having gone through regular schooling and aspiring for something better for our own children. More than 1.5 years into Cascade with 2 children in Casa and Elementary, their joy of learning becomes evident in the way they connect what they learn with what they observe in the real world – probably the biggest benefit of studying in Cascade.

I am very happy to be a part of this space. It is not a school but actually a learning space for the parents too. Because raising a child is a whole with family, teachers, and the learning environment. Every part of that should serve in parallel. And Montessori way is our common point here. We all love to support the child’s wonderful natural potential.