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Parent Study Circle

Montessori Education

Meet Our Team

Creating Alternate System for Children Aiding Development Experientially

“CASCADE FLS dedicates itself to providing an authentic Montessori education to children from birth to 18 years of age. We provide alternate education for children aiding development experientially. Our values of excellence, respect, compassion, peace and community inspire our school’s rich tradition of nurturing each child’s natural love of learning. We offer an exceptional educational opportunity for the development of the whole child and offer it within the context of a family-like community. Children flourish in our well-equipped, prepared environments, cherishing natural beauty surrounding our centres and their homes. Committed to engage with children’s love of learning while developing their individual selves within a respectful, caring community, CASCADE FLS commits to provide an environment where children thrive, actualize their potential and develop a sense of self.

We aspire to follow Montessori practices in their pristine form. All our programs are dedicated to helping each child develop independence, self-esteem, respect and a lifelong love of learning. Our centre has multi-year age span environments to ensure that children at various stages of development can learn from and with each other.


CASCADE FLS is a secular space. Families of all religions with faith in God and willing to partake in all activities in our centre, of cultural and tradition, are welcome to apply.

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The pillars of CASCADE Family Learning Society

  • Focus – on the child, working on her/his strengths giving time to normalise and scale up academics at their pace.
  • Stake – from the family in the life of the child, including CASCADE’s activities.
  • Parenting – Study circles for families that create a democratic platform for teachers and parents to discuss freely issues related to educational philosophy, Montessori practices, parenting and classroom challenges.
  • Outreach – towards young families in the community as well as rural areas giving them support on Early Childhood education from birth